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    BOSS Consulting strives to help your cannabis business maintain inventory compliance and efficiency while educating and training your team. Years of industry experience and a vast network of resources helps BOSS best serve your inventory management needs.


    We have a full suite of solutions to make sure your business is running efficiently and compliantly.

    METRC Cleans & Inventory Audits

    Verifying that your on hand inventory is accurately represented in your METRC system.

    Employee Training

    In person inventory compliance and METRC training for employees and managers.

    SOP Development

    Integrate inventory control into daily operations with standard operating procedures tailored to your operation.

    Streamline Inventory

    Learn how to maximize inventory control and minimize work.

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    Why is METRC so important?

    METRC is the Colorado state required seed-to-sale tracking software. Misstatements and omissions in the inventory tracking system are considered a violation affecting public safety. These infractions carry penalties from license suspension to up to $100,000 in fines.

    How do we know if we need a METRC clean?

    Do you have packages in the negative? Open harvest batches? Expired edibles? Are you over your plant count? There are many factors that go into inventory control and is it best practice to audit your inventory regularly.

    Can I audit my own inventory?

    Yes of course! But this often takes preparation and hours of work. Let BOSS set you up for future success by assisting in this process.

    Do we need SOP's to be compliant?

    SOP’s are required for Testing Facilities, MIPS, and OPC’s. Having a SOP manual on site helps with employee training, MED inspections, and overall work day efficiency.



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